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A New Vision of Astrology

Sunday, September 23th, 3pm EDT


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A New Vision of Astrology

Utilizing an original and profound system that converts traditional sun-sign astrology into a more precise language for decoding the complete range of human experience, A New Vision of Astrology contains bold new concepts that reframe astrology as we know it:

  • A horoscope begins at conception rather than birth, incorporating gestation — the most formative period of life.

  • The sun, moon, and planets correlate with people in your life — everyone from parents and siblings to friends and lovers.

  • Horoscopes are not unalterable blueprints formed at the moment of birth but are constantly changing as planets trigger key events.

  • These events can be predicted using a wheel of life — a simple diagram that reveals every significant occurrence in your life span.

Tad Mann
Tad MannSpeaker
A.T. Mann (B.Arch. Cornell) is an astrologer, architect and designer. His books are: The Round Art, A New Vision of Astrology, Mandala Astrological Tarot, The Divine Plot, Astrology and Reincarnation; Sacred Landscapes and more. Life Time Astrology is based on the spiral solar system — DNA resonance, starts with conception and gestation, and describes a unique journey through your life. He writes for tarot.com, lived in Europe for 27 years and lives in Hudson, NY.


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