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Knowledge is power and with more than one thousand members, ISAR has a lot of power to share!

The ISAR Star Club is a project that enables ISAR members worldwide to give live webinar lectures that everyone can join and learn and share new ideas.

Every ISAR Star Club lecture is one hour long and covers different areas of astrology from different perspectives and traditional backgrounds, thus making this club truly universal and an open field to new ideas.

Every webinar lecture is recorded and automatically archived to a special ISAR Star Club page that every member has in its own member page profile on the ISAR website. Those who are not ISAR members will have a Star Club page on the general ISAR website where they can collect all the lectures they purchase. With every video lecture, all the handouts are provided as well as separate audio recordings with a questions and answers section.

Be at the first ISAR Star Club lecture on January 20, 2018 at 8:00 pm EST. Aleksandar Imsiragic, ISAR President will be lecturing on, “Karmic Integration”.

Please note that in the first few months of 2018, the ISAR Star Club will be a monthly event. Later, the ISAR Star Club will be biweekly and eventually become a weekly event.

All the lectures are free for ISAR members. Others can join them and pay $9.99 per lecture. Of course, for just $49 – which is one year membership – everyone can join ISAR and have all these lectures for free plus the many more benefits that ISAR provides!

ISAR is one of the most developed global astrology associations in the world today, and our ISAR Star Club enlivens one of our key goals: global astrology connections.

Welcome to the new world of astrology ideas, visions, insights and sharing!

Aleksandar Imsiragic, President, ISAR