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All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally

Sunday, March 31st, 3pm EST


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All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally

A re-examination of the actual dynamic of an astrological conjunction. Adam will focus on the planets’ Sky Factors such as brightness, speed and Earth proximity and demonstrate how they constitute a more robust delineation of the conjunction.


  • Five of the main Sky Factors: Earth proximity (or Field Effect), Sky Appearance, Brightness, Speed and Latitude;

  • How these considerations are best delineated in concert with sign, house other chart factors;

  • Clear graphical explanation of why our round chart wheels ignore the sky and what we’re missing;

A fascinating investigation into a Mercury-Venus Rx conjunction in light of each of their Sky Factors.

Adam Gainsburg
Adam GainsburgSpeaker
Like many of us, Adam’s first hint of something beyond himself developed through his childhood connection to the glittering canopy of the Living Sky. Over the years, with dedication and many hours clocked in observation, he has cultivated a true relationship with the stars, planets, and complex movements of our skies. Paying attention to what is observable to us acts as catalyst to what is latent within us, forming the foundation of his practice and what amounts to his gift to our post-postmodern astrology: astrology as a vehicle for accessing the depth + breadth of our human wholeness.
From his first book on the fundamentals of Soulsign AstrologyTM (The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness) to his most recent on the heliacal cycle of Venus (The Light of Venus), to his forthcoming book on the heliacal cycle of Mars (The Heart of Mars), Adam’s work invites theory and understanding to become cellular reality — only possible when Sky meets Earth in our deep heart.


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Sunday, March 31st, 3pm EST