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Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction And Its Air Mutation

Sunday, February 10th, 3pm EST


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Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction And Its Air Mutation

This Great Conjunction occurs every 20 years and is considered influential in shaping history. The principle is expansion/contraction or expands and defines. Ideas flourish and then become grounded in the practical everyday world. After some 140 years in the Earth Element, it is now mutating into the Air Element where it will be until the year 2159. This is a major shift in world consciousness as each new element puts its stamp into its decades.

  • With all the chaos that is going on around us and perhaps even in us, how long will this uncertainty last? Will there be an upcoming time when we can settle down into some sense of security and growth for a little while before we get jarred and jolted again? These are questions we ask ourselves.

  • Great Conjunctions are among the most powerful patterns in the sky. There are ten of them from Jupiter to each planet beyond, and each in a different cyclic phase as cycles within cycles spin their web. Where are we now as we barrel towards 2020 when three Great Conjunctions will occur in the same year?

  • Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction, in its 20 year cycle, has often been called “the Great Chronocrator or Ruler of History”, particularly as it mutates through the elements. A new mutation into Air is upon us. What does it indicate as it plays into a cyclic backdrop of other Great Conjunctions.

Chris McRae
Chris McRaeSpeaker
Chris has been a professional consultant, teacher, author and lecturer at major conferences throughout the world since 1970. She recently retired from the ISAR Board after sixteen years and is now appointed Board Emeritus.

During that time she chaired the ISAR Certification Program and helped introduce the program into many different countries. She also served on Board of Directors of AFA and AFAN Steering Committee. she has authored four books including the latest on Great Conjunctions: Shape Shifters. She also contributed to six other books.


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