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Planets in Aspect The Soul’s Code Revealed

How the Soul set’s up it’s “stuff” for healing & resolution via the planets and their aspects in the natal horoscope.

Our Soul moves through lifetimes in an evolutionary process carrying its memory code in our DNA.

Please join Maggie as she shares her lifetime work of the ‘great mystery’ of how our Soul ‘downloads’ it’s ‘program’ into our psyche, so we may heal old soul issues and ultimately release the healthy expression of our true purpose.

By working with the ‘core themes’ and ‘aspects’ or relationships between the planets we discover the key information that links our soul & our psyche.

Speaker: Maggie Kerr

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From Babylonian Omens to modern astrology

In this lecture we are going to discuss the evolution of astrology from its roots, the night sky of Babylonians and how astrology developed as it is today.

Are there things we forgot during our travel through time? Are there any misconceptions from the past?

In this lecture finally we will learn some powerful techniques – that because of time and lack sometimes of available sources to read we forgot them – for understanding the natal chart.

Speaker: Christos Archos

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Chemistry, Consciousness And The Divine

What ignites that cosmic spark?

Exploring the mysterious connection between brain, childhood, life choices and universal awareness by blending my Astrological twist with my studies of Eastern philosophy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

I help people see what’s actually happening, do best what they want to do in life, and make them laugh while they’re doing it.

Speaker: Michael Lutin

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Dynamic Narrative Astrology

Traditional astrology interpretation typically manifests as a series of fragments that often don’t make sense in the narrative of our lives. Our life is a process in time and the origins of that process — conception and gestation — are often overlooked.

Life Time Astrology is an antidote to this by using a time scale that dates influences in our life starting with conception on cusp 9, to birth on the ASC, through childhood in the first four houses, and continuing up to the current time and ahead into the future. This allows us to see and understand the narrative of our life.

In this context, aspects connect events to other events, showing clearly the causality of our life process as we move around the chart and through the sequence of signs and houses.

Speaker: Tad Mann

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Hermetic lots and their use in the natal & Solar Return charts

The most well known lot has been the Part of Fortune, which in fact belongs to the Moon. However, all seven planets have their own lots and these lots are like individualized, our specifically tailored points which can give further interpretative dimensions as they are linked to our ascendant degree by definition.

In this lecture, I am going to cover and expand the definitions of these 7 planetary lots. Along with part of fortune, part of Spirit (The Sun), part of Nemesis (Saturn), part of Victory (Jupiter), part of Courage (Mars), part of Love (Venus), part of Necessity (Mercury) will be discussed and shown by examples. Since each planet are being taken as universal significator, then in return, each part can be evaluated as a specific significator in relation to its universal principle.

Speaker: Hakan Kirkoglu

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Mesopotamian Lunar Latitude

In Mesopotamia, the movement of the planets and luminaries was likened to “heavenly writing,” messages from the gods scrawled across the evening skies. As such, they were keenly interested in the moon, the nearest and most dynamic of the celestial heralds. Of particular interest was the moon’s latitudinal cycle. Join me in examining the four critical junctures in this cycle and where this ancient framework seems to underlie and inform Western views concerning the moon’s nodes. More importantly, you’ll learn how to apply this ancient lunar latitude cycle to the secondary progressed moon to identify personal turning points.

Speaker: Michelle Gould

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Solar Return Charts

The moment of your Sun’s return to the place of your birth is normally a time to celebrate your birthday. It also provides a snapshot of the sky around you, said to denote major themes in your life for this pcoming year. This presentation explores the intermediate technique encourages us to look at the larger themes that will play out in this coming year of our life, or that of our client, from birthday to birthday. Some considerations we will explore are timing major events that will define the year, and the posibility of celebrating your birthday in a different location in order to secure a more favorable chart.

Speaker: Nadiya Shah

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Better Planning of your Life with Astrology

In an 75 minute lecture, Samuel F Reynolds will provide thumbnail sketches of how particular planetary cycles correspond to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stages through your first 84 years. His talk will also share insights on:

• How your life is more like a boomerang than the straight shot of an arrow from birth toward death.
• How to manage some of the less oft-discussed cycles like Jupiter Returns, Lunar node oppositions and returns.
• How to help children under 12 cope with their important planetary cycles.

Speaker: Samuel Reynolds

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Houses represent the division of space around an event, like a birth or an incident.

Generally there are Twelve Houses used in astrological practice. These are numbered One through Twelve, starting from the Ascendant, and going counter-clockwise around a chart.

First off I will explain what Houses are, why they are important in astrological usage, and what the differences are amongst the twenty plus various House Systems described in astrological literature.

Speaker: Michael Munkasey

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The Purpose of the Relationship

Clients will often ask their astrologers, “What is the purpose of my relationship?” or “Why were we together?” in the case of a past relationship.

This lecture will propose a way to look at the Davison Relationship chart (a midpoint chart cast to describe the relationship between two individuals) to seek an answer to this question.

Speaker: Dorothy Oja

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Understanding the 12th House

The 12th house is likely the most misunderstood placement in Astrology. It is commonly perceived as negative and confining, when in fact many figures who have changed the course of history had a prominent 12th house and Neptune placements.

In fact, the 12th house may have everything to do with the science of happiness and with our higher calling.

Join Maurice, author of a book on the 12th house, on this truly insightful research.

Speaker: Maurice Fernandez

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The Moon and its Aspects in the Chart

Your best friend, or worst enemy? The Moon rules our emotional development, our roots, safety and security needs, as well as our habits. From the birth moment on, we strive to survive. Unconsciously, we absorb our environment and respond to secure our existence.

In this talk, we will examine the Moon’s placement by sign/house and aspects. We will explore emotional patterns and how they develop into unhealthy habits or into conscious skills for living a joyful and successful life.

Speaker: Alexandra Karacostas

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Depression – The Acute Mars Dysfunction

Generally, for people in general, depression is connected to a dysfunctional Mars. Mars ruled anger and initiative and, when these energies become inverted, depression is the result.
I have observed that serious Depression is connected with an Acute Mars Dysfunction combined with Saturn afflictions that undermine self-confidence and self-esteem.
Depression occurs when we do not give ourselves permission to feel anger – either we feel that we have no right to be angry or that we are afraid to be angry.
While this lecture focuses upon Mars in the signs and houses, I will also discuss physiological causes for depression and even psychosis.

Speaker: Lynn Koiner

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What Do the Outer Planets Want?

Laura’s approach to the outer planets – whether natal or by transit – is to explore the questions of “what do they want?”. This allows for us to explore these important planets from a place of objectivity and curiosity, instead of fear. It allows us to be open to the potentiality of their power, instead of feeling controlled, or even helpless

Speaker: Laura Nalbandian

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Moon Wobbles and Eclipses

One of the earliest astrological events recorded are solar eclipses since so many events happened around them.  But there are Moon Wobbles too.  Naomi will explain the difference between them and then give major historic events that occur with Moon Wobbles.  How to use them and know when they are of major importance. Research was first done on them in 1940’s by Carl Payne Tobey.

Speaker: Naomi Bennett

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Heliocentric Planetary Nodes – “Powerful Planetary Degrees in a Natal Chart!

In this lecture I will identify the positions of the Heliocentric Nodes and offer numerous examples!

• Identify the Heliocentric Planetary Nodes
• Explain the meaning of these Planetary Nodes
• Discuss famous examples and case histories
• How to work with these Planetary Nodes when discussing a natal chart with a client

Speaker: David Railey

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Discover Your Soul Map and Learn How to Activate it!

What do I mean by Soul Map? I believe that your natal horoscope viewed from soul perspective becomes the best map to live life organized around your life purpose. In this lecture I will show you step by step how you can discover things like- who are your ideal clients, what kind of work is fulfilling your heart, activate your Soul gift and make you really successful while you still have a ton of fun and joy. Bring your chart; this is going to be super fun and practical.

Speaker: Lea Imsiragic

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Athena Pallas Presentation

The union of Zeus – the King of gods and mortals – and Metis – the personification of sagacity and cunning – brought to life Athena Pallas, the female Archetype of Wisdom, Strategy and War.

• As a symbol of eterbnal maidenhood, she represents the purity and cleanness both in body and Spirit.
• Athena Pallas can be found in many Hellenic myths, standing on the side of great heroes such as Perseus, Hercules and Odysseus, guiding them through her intellect and clear-eyed perception to accomplish their ultimate mission, an allegory of our life’s journey.
• As those myths are unfold in our chart, we can discover the gifts of Athena to us according to the goddess’s sign and house natal placement, and the aspects formed by transits.

Speaker: Angela Tiki

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All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally

A re-examination of the actual dynamic of an astrological conjunction. Adam will focus on the planets’ Sky Factors such as brightness, speed and Earth proximity and demonstrate how they constitute a more robust delineation of the conjunction. Highlights:

  • Five of the main Sky Factors: Earth proximity (or Field Effect), Sky Appearance, Brightness, Speed and Latitude;
  • How these considerations are best delineated in concert with sign, house other chart factors;
  • Clear graphical explanation of why our round chart wheels ignore the sky and what we’re missing;
  • A fascinating investigation into a Mercury-Venus Rx conjunction in light of each of their Sky Factors.

Speaker: Adam Gainsburg

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Planetary Degrees in Persian Astrology

Beside the regular subdivisions of signs, every sign is divided by masculine and feminine degrees, Dark and Bright Degrees, Benefic and Malefic Degrees and some other divisions like smoky, empty etc. There are also 360 definitions similar to Sabian symbols for every single degree. Some degrees are considered as if the planet is exalted or debilitated.

Speaker: Ehsan Khazeni

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Your Progressed Sun: Journey to the Authentic Self

Learn about the progressed Sun, and what it can show you. Discover a powerful timing tool to mark critical turning points in your life journey What does your progressed Sun represent? How does the progressed Sun move through your chart? Join Kelly and discover the nuances of your personal progressed Sun journey in this webinar. See how aspects made by the progressed Sun take on heightened importance in describing transitions and transformation. We’ll incorporate traditional ideas as we apply one of the more modern timing tools to give you everything you need to know to work with the progressed Sun. Learn the technicalities of the progressed Sun cycle and see how your progressed Sun shows your personal changes in style, focus, attitude and needs as it moves through the terms of the signs.

Speaker: Kelly Surtees

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Zeus on the Loose

Parents, teachers and authority figures worry a lot about how children learn, how they should be disciplined and how they can motivate them. What they don’t understand is that astrology can be enormously effective in eliminating the trial and error method of raising and teaching happy and content children.

Speaker: Alex Trenoweth

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Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction And Its Air Mutation

This Great Conjunction occurs every 20 years and is considered influential in shaping history. The principle is expansion/contraction or expands and defines. Ideas flourish and then become grounded in the practical everyday world. After some 140 years in the Earth Element, it is now mutating into the Air Element where it will be until the year 2159. This is a major shift in world consciousness as each new element puts its stamp into its decades.

Speaker: Chris McRae

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The Nodes, Past, Present And Future Lives

The Lunar Nodes give us the connections made from past, present and future lives and how they effect our potential to advance on our path both on a psychological and spiritual level. In this lecture Laura shows how the nodes move on a 18.6 year cycle and how they effect our karmic choices in life.

Speaker: Laura Des Jardins

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Diurnal and Nocturnal Birth-times: Differences in Chart Interpretation

According to the doctrine of sect, while interpreting a chart, several astrological indications should be taken into account, because every planet, aspect, house position was interpreted differently due to the different birth time: during day or night.

Speaker: Karine Dilanyan

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To Boldly Go Where No-one Has Gone Before

In December 2020 we will experience the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This hasn’t occurred for over 600 years and the transition of this cycle will bring massive changes. In this talk we will explore:

  • The transition of these conjunctions from the earth to the air element
  • The parallels between the last period 800 years ago to this period
  • How this will affect us personally in our everyday lives
  • How this will irreversibly spearhead society into a new age, unprecedented in human society
  • How it will affect you!

Speaker: Wendy Stacey

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New View On Timing in Solar Returns

Solar returns are not a new prediction technique, there are plenty of books on this theme and we are familiar with different ways of using this technique. While most of interpreters find it sufficient to look at a solar year as a whole, many astrologers search for a proper approach regarding timing in solar returns. Few decades ago, I began using entirely different approach to this theme, and again and again it appears to be efficient, simple and very talkative.

Speaker: Bern Jurecic

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Forecast for 2019

David will describe what we can expect in 2019 based on Vibrational Astrology. In Vibrational Astrology minor aspects like quintiles and septiles and even more “exotic” aspects like 11ths of a circle are considered to have a major impact, and midpoint structures also have a major impact. We will look at how these vibrational planetary patterns affected trends in recent years and which trends we can expect to become stronger and which ones will become weaker.

Speaker: David Cochrane

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The Seven Dragons and The Eclipses in 2019

Each Eclipse opens an energy gateway providing massive opportunities to expand into a deeper connection with creative flow and soul’s purpose. In 2019 there will be five eclipses and each of them belongs to a different Dragon’s family.

Speaker: Aleksandar Imsiragic

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On the Ascendant, “Character is Destiny”

• The Greek philosopher Heraclitus’s famous quote. It’s meaning in relation to Astrology.
• What is the Ascendant?
• Eighty percent (80%) of a person’s character and personality is defined/determined by the Ascendant.
• The basis of this pivotal statement is based on perception/observation, reason, and tradition.
• Putting the 1st House into context with the 4th and 10th Houses of the natal chart.
• Meaning of the phrase, “The cause is inherent in the effect.” The use of the Archetype as a model to demonstrate the former point.
• This lecture is a follow-on based on my Star Club talk, “On The Archetype” given this past April 6th, 2018. Please refer to that talk to add detail and greater substance to this session (located in ISAR’s Star Club archives).

Speaker: Robert Corre

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The Nodal Axis in Cancer-Capricorn and the global state of consciousness

From Nov 2018 until May 2020, the Nodal Axis of the Moon will be in the very important signs of Cancer and Capricorn, both of which hold great importance for anyone in their lives. We live in a hectic time, a time where we sleep less and stress more, and throughout this period we will see that a lot of deep healing will take place that relates to our needs vs. society’s demands. Join Sol as she walks you through it.

Speaker: Sol Jonassen

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Early Energy Activation or the Importance of Persona Charts for Newborns

The Natal chart is made for the moment of birth, but the planets in it are awakened when the Sun in transit touches every planet from the natal. The Sun is like a reflector, illuminating, waking up … each time the transiting Sun touches any planet or point in the natal chart represents a birthday of that chart element.

Speaker: Zorana Stanojevic

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How Most Astrologers Can Be All Right

Each astrology method is a partial view of the Universe. Wisdom comes by learning more from colleagues’ other partial, even seemingly contradictory, methods. This transforms our minds to ever-greater understanding. Roy will illustrate how and explain why, by looking at several house and zodiac systems, and consider the extent to which prediction may and may not be right.

Speaker: Roy Gillet

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Engrams in the charts

The birth chart shows a large collection of dispositions that we have in an incarnation and we astrologers are reading them. Astrologers can understand a chart as the picture of the result and chosen cut of our karma for this incarnation as well.

Speaker: Zdenek Bohuslav

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Indian (Vedic) Astrology: What’s in it for me?

A comprehensive introduction and survey of Indian astrology. This is the only astrology that has been continually developed and fully embraced by a culture continuously for about 2000 years, without the transmission and translation issues that have plagued the West.

Speaker: Kenneth Miller

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Sex, Lust, Gender, and Sexual orientation in the Natal chart

Can we know by looking at a Natal chart how passionate a person is, and maybe, even their gender or sexual orientation? In an interesting and humorous way, we will explore the different attributes and learn to recognize how they play a part in a person’s sexuality.

Speaker: Boaz Fyler

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Evolving Sexuality, dissolving the boundaries of sexual identity

Evolving Sexuality, dissolving the boundaries of sexual identity. How might this change our work with couples?
Without a doubt, our understanding as a collective of both gender and sexuality has been undergoing a radical transformation over the past few decades.

Speakers: Margaret Gray and Armand Diaz

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Relationship Compatibility

At some point in our lives, most of us have probably longed for a partner who understands and accepts us for who we really are, warts and all. To determine how compatible we are with another person, we must first understand how we respond to others and how our own feelings and actions are perceived by others. Only then can we understand our relationship possibilities with another person.

Speaker: Kim De Noue

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Chiron – A Journey to the Heart Center

Chiron is one of the great healers in our chart. Although it’s not a planet, the impact it has had on Astrology since his discovery is very important and has brought a big change to modern astrology. Chiron has the power to connect different realms, bridge worlds, and heal through living with commitment, compassion, grace, and the power to sacrifice.

Speaker: Gali Livneh

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The Age of Soul in Karmic Astrology

Age of the Soul refers to how a person has grown from experience on the planet, not just to how many lifetimes he or she has lived. No person is “ahead” or “behind” any other, but is simply occupying another place in the continuous circle or spiral. There are specific astrology formulas that allow us to define the Soul Age and therefore understand the specific role that our Soul has in this life to fulfill.

Speaker: Aleksandar Imsiragic

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Synastry and Compatibility: a new way to understand sexuality and intimacy in relationships

Relationships are of great importance in our lives, but sometimes we don’t deal just with our lovers. We sometimes deal with social beliefs and stereotypes with our parents and the parents of our lover. Sometimes we may have to deal with problems of our biological tendencies and we may need to understand that for a relationship to grow, it is not always the perfect time, even when the natal synastry is the very good.

Speaker: Christos Archos

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Profections: This is the technique that Öner frequently uses for prediction in a consultation, and it is a magnificent tool from Traditional Astrology. It is practical and easy to use; there is no need to erect a new chart.

Speaker: Oner Doser

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A New Vision of Astrology

Utilizing an original and profound system that converts traditional sun-sign astrology into a more precise language for decoding the complete range of human experience, A New Vision of Astrology contains bold new concepts that reframe astrology as we know it.

Speaker: Tad Mann

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Soul and Psyche – The Fusion of Astrology and Therapy

Astrology diagnoses our Soul’s blueprint including gifts and challenges, and Psychotherapy gives us the tools for powerful breakthrough healing for major life issues.

Working with the principle that our Soul has a history that includes unresolved issues, how does our Soul set up the programs in our Psyche to set up the territory the Soul needs to heal?

Speaker: Maggie Kerr

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Planetary Hours

There are several uses for planetary hours: in electional astrology, making talismans and spells, and for spiritual practice, as well, in Natal interpretation and Mundane astrology. One other method also explains that the planetary hour’s lord of each house is also important every day. Planetary Hours use one of the oldest time divisions made by astrologers. This concept is so important that the astrological chart itself has been called the “Hour Marker” (Horoscope).

Speaker: Ehsan Khazeni

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Yods, Golden Yods and Septile Yods

When it comes to aspect configurations, the Yod has a certain mystery about it. The annoying 150-degree quincunx aspect is often dismissed as a non-aspect or an irritant, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Rick will unfold the fascinating story of this most unstable point in the zodiac. After all, having a “Finger of God” in a chart seems like it should be pretty powerful. The Yod is based upon the quincunx aspect, but this powerful configuration may only be a faint shadow of the more significant Yods based upon the quintile and septile aspect series. How do you find them?

Speaker: Rick Levine

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Prenatal eclipse and lunation charts in natal work?

We are born into cycles. Although our natal chart seems to be a stand alone entity, it is in fact a part of larger planetary cycles. Prenatal eclipse charts provide us fundamental background information about our central life themes and can bring extra dimensions to our natal work.
Moreover, prenatal lunation charts (new moon/full moon) give us certain clarity about our interaction with the world especially highlighting abilities and the roles we take in this life.

Speaker: Hakan Kirkoglu

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The wild one goes wilder: Lilith moving into Aquarius on August 6th, 2018

Being the independent goddess of equal rights, Lilith’s transit though Aquarius points to exciting evolutionary movements in consciousness. Yet it won’t be an easy time for relationships. We may be oscillating between hot and cold, close and distant. In this lecture, Lilith-expert Antonia Langsdorf will guide you through the excitement and the upheaval, that this transit may bring to society and your personal life. Antonia will address selected aspects of transiting Lilith to the Sun, Venus and Mars. There will be time for questions at the end of the lecture.

Speaker: Antonia Langsdorf

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The current state of modern-day astrology, and is the U.S. falling behind?

This webinar will discuss three major themes.
The first theme is the importance of Sun Sign Astrology for the future of astrology.
The 2nd theme is the sequence of events that lead to a successful life for Millennials, as defined by the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, and reported in the Wall Street Journal.
The third theme is the state of astrological education in today’s world, especially the disparities between educational curriculums and test results of the ISAR exam. Why is there such a difference? And what does it imply about the sequence of events that lead to one becoming a successful, professional astrologer in the 21st century?

Speaker: Ray Merriman

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Psychological Complexes in a Chart

A Complex is composed of many highly charged autonomous centers, possessing a strong energy of their own and creating their own core beliefs. We’ll examine some of these energy networks and see how to integrate them through awareness, avoiding some psychological malfunctions and using some chart examples.

Speaker: Marcia F. Silva

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Cadent Houses – Behind the Scenes of Action

Simple in concept, Angular, Succedent and Cadent houses are the basis of understanding the power each house has on the next house. There would be no development or growth if it were not for the Cadent houses.
The fundamental nature of the Cadent houses is that each is the 12th house of its adjacent angle. How we move through these transcending periods are key to our growth and development. How we handle that transfer will affect our attitudes and behaviors in the next quadrant and throughout the entire evolution of our life.

Speaker: Richard Smooth

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Dwarfs, Gods, and Goddesses – the Impact of New Planets

The three new planets Eris, Makemake, and Haumea, recently designated by the IAU, along with Pluto, as “dwarf” planets, are in fact quite significant in charts. Henry presents new research on all three. Eris represents a Feminine Warrior energy, as has been documented in Henry’s well-received book, The Tenth Planet. Makemake and Haumea can be shown by numerous examples to symbolize a profound connection with nature. There will be charts presented in evidence of the “effects” of these new astrological archetypes.

Speaker: Henry Seltzer

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Energy Astrology

The first (0°) and final (29°) degrees that bookend each of the signs carry specific and potent messages, whether in the natal horoscope or the directed/progressed chart. In this talk, Frank will present a range of horoscopes and insights to demonstrate the spectrum of meanings across these highly charged degrees. Feel welcome to bring along your own examples and explore these with Frank. (His article on this subject was published in the ISAR Journal and received the Best Article Award at ISAR’s 2016 Conference.)

Speaker: Frank Clifford

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Energy Astrology

Each chakra is connected with one planet in natal horoscope. Through the analyze of natal horoscopes with Energy Astrology it will be shown where and why we experience a problem in some areas of life (on emotional, mental and physical level or as life events) and how we can quickly understand them and unblocked them. You will learn to immediately apply this new technique on your horoscope and your client’s horoscope.

Speaker: Dr Lea Imsiragic

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The Archetype – On the Laws of Space, Time, and Causality

All schools of natal astrology are obliged to declare what is the relationship existing between the individual, the world, and a higher creative force. One model to address this requirement is the so-called “Archetype”, the image of the12 signs of the Zodiac taken collectively as a unit.

Speaker: Robert Corre

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The Lunar Nodes “keys to chart interpretation”

In this lecture I will show how to use the Lunar Nodes in this way, using the charts of well know individuals and clients. This work is based upon 40 years of full time practice.

Speaker: David Railey

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What is Vibrational Astrology and Why is it Becoming Very Popular

Vibrational Astrology (VA) is based on ideas in harmonic astrology, midpoints, modern psychological astrology, and Vedic astrology. In the past few years interest in Vibrational Astrology has grown enormously.

Speaker: David Cochrane

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Karmic Integrations


Speaker: Aleksandar Imsiragic

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