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Dwarfs, Gods, and Goddesses – the Impact of New Planets

The three new planets Eris, Makemake, and Haumea, recently designated by the IAU, along with Pluto, as “dwarf” planets, are in fact quite significant in charts. Henry presents new research on all three. Eris represents a Feminine Warrior energy, as has been documented in Henry’s well-received book, The Tenth Planet. Makemake and Haumea can be shown by numerous examples to symbolize a profound connection with nature. There will be charts presented in evidence of the “effects” of these new astrological archetypes.

Speaker: Henry Seltzer

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Energy Astrology

The first (0°) and final (29°) degrees that bookend each of the signs carry specific and potent messages, whether in the natal horoscope or the directed/progressed chart. In this talk, Frank will present a range of horoscopes and insights to demonstrate the spectrum of meanings across these highly charged degrees. Feel welcome to bring along your own examples and explore these with Frank. (His article on this subject was published in the ISAR Journal and received the Best Article Award at ISAR’s 2016 Conference.)

Speaker: Frank Clifford

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Energy Astrology

Each chakra is connected with one planet in natal horoscope. Through the analyze of natal horoscopes with Energy Astrology it will be shown where and why we experience a problem in some areas of life (on emotional, mental and physical level or as life events) and how we can quickly understand them and unblocked them. You will learn to immediately apply this new technique on your horoscope and your client’s horoscope.

Speaker: Dr Lea Imsiragic

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The Archetype – On the Laws of Space, Time, and Causality

All schools of natal astrology are obliged to declare what is the relationship existing between the individual, the world, and a higher creative force. One model to address this requirement is the so-called “Archetype”, the image of the12 signs of the Zodiac taken collectively as a unit.

Speaker: Robert Corre

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The Lunar Nodes “keys to chart interpretation”

In this lecture I will show how to use the Lunar Nodes in this way, using the charts of well know individuals and clients. This work is based upon 40 years of full time practice.

Speaker: David Railey

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What is Vibrational Astrology and Why is it Becoming Very Popular

Vibrational Astrology (VA) is based on ideas in harmonic astrology, midpoints, modern psychological astrology, and Vedic astrology. In the past few years interest in Vibrational Astrology has grown enormously.

Speaker: David Cochrane

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Karmic Integrations


Speaker: Aleksandar Imsiragic

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