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Planetary Hours

Sunday, September 9th, 3pm EDT


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Planetary Hours

There are several uses for planetary hours: in electional astrology, making talismans and spells, and for spiritual practice, as well, in Natal interpretation and Mundane astrology. One other method also explains that the planetary hour’s lord of each house is also important every day. Planetary Hours use one of the oldest time divisions made by astrologers. This concept is so important that the astrological chart itself has been called the “Hour Marker” (Horoscope). In the Persian language, a person who is an expert in electing an auspicious time is called the Hour Observer! In eastern metaphysics and occult sciences, such as alchemy, the time factor is really important and planetary hours are a necessary part of that.

Webinar highlights:
1. Structure and Calculations of Unequal Planetary Hours
2. Planetary Hours in Occult sciences
3. Days of the Week and Planetary Hour combinations
4. Quality of every hour

Ehsan Khazeni
Ehsan KhazeniSpeaker
Ehsan is an astrologer, software developer, author, and researcher in various streams of Astrology. Having oriental knowledge and access to original Persian and Arabic manuscripts made him a notable resource person to search for the roots of medieval and ancient astrology. He is developer of Bindu Astrology Software.


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