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Relationship Compatibility

Sunday, October 28th, 3pm EDT


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Relationship Compatibility

At some point in our lives, most of us have probably longed for a partner who understands and accepts us for who we really are, warts and all. To determine how compatible we are with another person, we must first understand how we respond to others and how our own feelings and actions are perceived by others. Only then can we understand our relationship possibilities with another person.


  • Take a look at the nature of the planets and how each interacts in combination with other planets our personal charts.

  • Learn about symbiotic planetary connections and ways to address challenging aspects with another person.

  • Using a simple elemental compatibility model, you will see how to easily gauge your affinity with another person.

  • The focus will be on romantic relationships, but this technique will also work for family dynamics and friends or colleagues.

  • Charts of famous couples will be used to illustrate the way this method works.

Kim De Noue
Kim De NoueSpeaker
Kim’s 40+-year journey in astrology began when she was studying the collected works of Carl Jung in college. Jung described the correlation between astrological configurations in the charts of spouses having successful marriages. Surprised that Jung was even interested in astrology, she needed to find out more.
While Kim’s readings cover all facets of astrology, she has developed a particular skill in relationship dynamics and helping clients recognize the timing of opportunities and lessons in their chart.


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Sunday, October 28th, 3pm EDT