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The Power Degrees of the Zodiac

Friday, May 4th, 3pm EDT


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The Power Degrees of the Zodiac

The first (0°) and final (29°) degrees that bookend each of the signs carry specific and potent messages, whether in the natal horoscope or the directed/progressed chart. In this talk, Frank will present a range of horoscopes and insights to demonstrate the spectrum of meanings across these highly charged degrees. Feel welcome to bring along your own examples and explore these with Frank. (His article on this subject was published in the ISAR Journal and received the Best Article Award at ISAR’s 2016 Conference.)

  • 0° in natal astrology: a fresh, unstudied, undiluted quality

  • 29° in natal astrology: mastery of the sign or extreme manifestations

  • 0° in forecasting: a major shift and new script; the mood is set

  • 29° in forecasting: poised for change but there’s a sting in the tail

  • Discover what occurs when a planet directs/progresses to the mid-degrees of a sign

Frank Clifford
Frank CliffordSpeaker
Frank Clifford has been an independent, creative force in our community for almost 30 years as a writer/publisher of 30 books, a data researcher, and writer/guest editor for The Mountain Astrologer. Through his London School of Astrology, Frank has introduced a new generation to our subject and has spent many years promoting astrology to the public, fundraising for students, working with companies, and giving over 1000 talks in a dozen countries to students, companies, banks and universities. Frank is currently working to change British law to ensure birth times are recorded on birth certificates.


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Friday, May 4th, 3pm EDT